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History of Ancient India in Brief From 1 AD to 1500 AD

40 AD The Sakas or Scythaians in power in the Indus Valley and Western India. 

50 AD  The time of Kushans and Kanishkas kings
52 AD Parthian King Gondopharnes in NW India. St. Thomas begins preaching Christ in India.
78 AD beginning of Saka Era
320 AD Chandragupta I establishes the Gupta dynasty.-Gupta Era begins 

98-117 AD Kanishka time, the Kushan King  
320 AD Chandragupta-I establishes the Gupta dynasty-Gupta Era begins.
360 AD Samudra Gupta conquered entire northern India and a large part of the Deccan.
380 413 AD Chandragupta-ll (Chandragupta Vikramaditya) comes to power– It is said to be golden age of Guptas. The time of Kalidasa and other important poets
467 AD Skanda Gupta assumes powers
606 AD Coronation of Harsha Vardhana.
609 AD Time to Rise of Chalukyas kings.
622 AD Hejra era begins.
711 AD Muhammad-bin qasim (Kassim) Invasion of Sind
753 AD Time of Rashtrakuta Empire rise 

985 AD The Chola Dynasty-Rajaraja rule
1026 AD Robbery of Somnath by Mahmud of Ghazni (mounted 17 plundering expedition into North India between 1000-1027 AD).
1191 AD Prithvi Raj Chauhan, King of Delhi,routsMuhammaf Ghori – the First Battle of Tarain. 

1192 AD Second Battle of Tarain – Muhammad Ghori defeats prithvi Raj. 

1206 AD Slave dynasty establishes by Qutbuddin Aibak in Delhi
1221 India threatened by Mongolinvasion under Genghis Khan.
1232 AD Construction of the Qutub Minar
1236 AD ILltutmish daughter Razia Sultana rules Delhi. She was the first muslim lady to rule Delhi

1266 AD Balban’s rule
1290 AD Khalji dynastys established by Jalaludin Firuz Khalji in Delhi (1290- 1320:King Kafur, Mubarak khan Khusrau khans.)
1298 AD makco Polo Visits India.
1320 AD Ghiyasuddin Tughluk in Delhi founds the Tughluk
1325 AD Coronation of Muhammad-bin-Tughluk
1333 AD Ibn Batutah arrives in India. He is a Moroccan explorer
1336 AD Establishing of Vijayavanagar (Deccan).
1347 AD Bahmani dynasty Rise (Deccan.)
1414- 1451 AD The time of Sayyid  Dynasty (kings- Khzr, Alam shah)
1451 AD the Time of Lodi dynasty
(1451 – 1526) – the throne of Delhi ascends by bahlul Loud.
1469 AD Guru Nanak birth.
1489 AD The time of Adil Shah dynasty at Bijapur
1490 AD At Ahmadnagar,  Nizam shahi dynasty

1498 AD Vasco da Gama first voyage. Arrives at Calicat on 27th  May 1498. 

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