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Tourist Places In India - Andaman – The Beach Haven

Scared of water? Never swam? Maybe it’s time to beat the fear out of you and dive into the deep sea and overcome the fear of water and depths, ZNMD Style.

Trust us, you’d be delighted at the sites underwater and it will keep you coming back for more. For aqua lovers, these famous tourist places in India which feel no less than a paradise!

Best time to visit:
November to mid-May

How to reach

  • By air: Vir Savarkar Airport in Port Blair is the archipelago’s major airport.
  • By sea: Ships ply between Haddo Wharf Port in Port Blair and cities of Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam.

Attractions: Cellular Jail National Memorial, Radhanagar Beach, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Chidiya Tapu, and watersports like scuba-diving, snorkeling, & parasailing

Water activities: Banana boat rides, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, undersea walking, speed boating, scuba diving and sport fishing

Andaman Cruises: You can board a cruise to Andaman from Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata

Average Temperature: 24 degrees Celsius (Min.) and 37 degrees (Max.)

Beaches of Andaman: famous beaches include, Radhanagar beach, Corbyn’s Cove, Wandoor Beach and Merk Bay Beach

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