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This Photographer Captured The Real Essence Of Gujarat & The Pictures Are Incredibly Stunning

Photography really is an art because the aim of the photographer is to narrate a whole story through a single photograph. Yet, Faiyaz Ahmed has not only mastered that art but is using it to bring out the real side of India.

His Instagram feed is far away from the glitzy and glamorous photos we’re so used to seeing. His subjects are not fancy people pouting to pose at the camera.

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Instead, his feed is real. He photographs people he sees on the streets on Junagarh, his town and place of residence. Talking to us, he revealed that he sees different people each day and all of them come with different stories. Talking about it, he says:

“I found them interesting. You can see the pain and struggle on their face. It is very real picture of humanity. Photographing the people I see on the streets has made me fall in love with the human life. It has taught me that each human we see on the street is going through his/her own struggle and that their life carries value.”

Soon after he started photographing people he spotted, he realized that to really capture them, the best method is portraits for it carries the experiences, the pain in the eyes and the stories on their faces in a very clear way.

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