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UP Police Stop Man From Trading Son For Pregnant Wife’s Treatment, Donate Money & Blood To Help Him

Image Credits: NDTV

On Wednesday, Uttar Pradesh police stopped a man from selling one of his children, a one-year-old boy in order to arrange for money for his pregnant wife’s treatment. In an attempt to help the family, the U.P police also pooled in money to donate for the ailing mother.

The incident happened in Kannauj district, when Arvind Kumar, a daily-wage worker had to get his pregnant wife hospitalised at the district hospital on Tuesday night after she fainted.

According to the Hindustan Times, some touts in the hospital informed Arvind that his wife, Sukhdevi had developed some complications in per pregnancy. He was further told that she is anaemic and five units of blood would be needed for transfusion. He was asked to arrange for Rs 25,000 for her treatment.

Arvind, who is also a father of a three-year-old girl, even after many attempts was unable to arrange for money from his friends and relatives.  

Meanwhile, a childless couple reportedly approached him and offered to pay him Rs 25,000 for the child, though, he demanded Rs 40,000. The deal was ultimately secured at Rs 30,000. The couple who offered to take the kid is also from an economically weaker section who runs a vegetable stall in the village, told the Police to The Logical Indian.

However, the “deal” did not happen as the ‘buyer’ couple had a change of heart at the last moment. Apparently, the lady realised that she did not want to get a child through such a deal and she asked her husband to say no and inform the police.

According to the police, after receiving the complaint, they reached the spot where Kumar was waiting with both his children outside the district hospital on Wednesday night.

Tirva police station, Sub-Inspector, Amod Kumar Singh told that during interrogation Arvind confessed about his intention to sell the boy and why he was doing so.

Surprisingly, the police, instead of taking action against him, decided to help the man. The pooled in money and donated blood for his ailing wife.

“He is from a poor family when we learnt about his wife and his poor condition, we collected some money among our self and gave it to him. As the wife was in need of the blood, we told him not to worry, and one of our constables and a few other people donated blood for her,” he said.

The inspector also told us that the wife is still in the hospital and a lady constable has been sent to the hospital to take care of her.

“She is under treatment, and we are trying to give necessary assistance to the family,” he added.

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