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The Animal You See First In This Picture, Reveals The Essence Of Your Soul

Take a look at the picture below. What animal do you see first? Subconsciously you pick the one you like the most. It’s the essence of your soul that speaks to you!

Look at the image above, and determine which animal you saw first. Likely, it is a combination of two, or one will predominately stand out above the rest. What did you see first?

The Dove

1. A dove is a bird of peace, hope, and connection. Your soul is pure as snow on a mountain peak. You see the light in everything you see, and you are capable of inspiring hope to other people. You don’t care much about material objects. You are more connected to the world above.

The Butterfly

2. A butterfly is about beauty and pleasure. You know that life is short and cherish every moment of it. You hate plain talks and boredom. You are pretty sure that the world is a meadow covered in flowers, which were meant for you. Your soul is bright and sparkling. It is so beautiful that people gaze at you in wonder!

The Eagle

3. An eagle is a free spirit. You are an adventure seeker. You fly high above everyone, and you know that you deserve it. You are proud and strong, and you see things others can not spot. You do not like being restrained. Your soul is noble and gracious. Its strength and independence attract and repel others at the same time.

The Dog

4. A dog is about loyalty and family. You are selfless when it comes to the needs of those you love. You cherish people lives and happiness above all in this world. You are reliable and outgoing. People feel safe in your company. Your spirit shines bright with love and joy. It is strongly connected to other souls surrounding you.

The Wolf

5. Wolf is about privacy. Although these animals are strongly associated with loneliness, they, in fact, live in packs. If you picked the wolf, it means that you prefer a limited social circle. You are picky when it comes to letting someone in because you cherish your time and yourself. Your soul is full of wisdom and serenity. It is tender, so it needs to be protected.

The Mantis

6. Mantis is a sacred animal in many cultures. You are a loner, and it doesn’t bother you at all. You prefer learning to communication. Small talks are your nightmare. But your lack of social interactions doesn’t mean you are not good at them. You are intelligent and careful, and you can manipulate if you need. Your should is tending to secret knowledge.

Did you enjoy this visual soul test? Let us know how you found the description to be-accurate, or not?

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Source :  mysticalraven

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