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India ranks 133rd on World Happiness Index, ranks lower than Pakistan, China

Every year since 2012, the United Nations (UN) has published something called the World Happiness Report. This "landmark survey of the state of global happiness", as the UN calls it, ranks most of the countries of the world on the basis of their happiness levels.

Finland has been ranked the happiest country in this year's report, while Burundi has been placed last. But the real shocker is the fact that India has been ranked 133rd, 11 spots below its ranking last year!

If that wasn't all, India is now lagging behind most of its neighbours in South Asia, including all the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, except Afghanistan. Yes, India is reportedly less happy than Pakistan (75th place, after climbing five spots since last year), China (86th), Bhutan (97th), Nepal (101st), Bangladesh (115th) and Sri Lanka (116th).

India ranked 122nd in 2017, and 118th in 2016, and has clearly been falling down the index towards more and more unhappiness. The report, which is created by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network's (SDSN), is based on factors like per capita GDP, social support systems, life expectancy, social freedom, corruption levels and general health.

With the issue of migration at the heart of this year's report, the UNSDSN also looked evaluated the happiness levels of the immigrants of 117 countries. What they found was that the 10 happiest countries--Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and Australia--also boasted of a deeply satisfied immigrant population.

Source : IndiaToday

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