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Rice vs Roti : Which one is healthier?

1. Which one is healthier?

Think of staple Indian food and the first things that come to the mind are ‘Roti’ and ‘Rice’. According to various health researches it is always questioned that which one is healthier and whether they should be consumed together or not? As we tried to study the nutritional statistics of both and the logic of having them together, we realised that they have totally different nutritional contents, but can be consumed together if cooked correctly and balanced with correct natural fibre rich supplements (vegetables and salads). Scroll below to understand the statistics and the game of pairing.

2. Roti Statistics

From the nutritional perspective, chapati (roti) has less fibre content and that’s the reason it is suggested to be balanced with fibre rich vegetables and salad. Also, one should not apply ghee or butter on chapatti as they are high in saturated fat and cholesterol. To make it healthier, you can add bajra or soya flour to the wheat flour to enhance the nutritional content of roti.

3. Rice Statistics

In general, white rice is consumed all across the country and due to polishing (process) all its nutritional value is lost. Due to less fibre content, it is suggested to be cooked in pressure cooker with sufficient water, as it increases the starch level in the body. Apart from this, brown rice, and rice bran is also advisable as they reduce the blood cholesterol levels in the body.

4. Roti & Rice Together

In India, we have a habit of eating roti and rice together. But, we never think that whether they should be consumed together or not. According to health experts, they both have different nutritional content, but have equal carbohydrate value. So you can consume them together only if you can balance the nutritional content via fibre rich vegetables and salads.

5. Final Say

They both are equally good for human body. So, if you really like the combination of both in your meal, you can relish them together, but always keep the factor of ‘equal proportion’ in mind, so that the calorie intake in your body is balanced.

Source :TOI

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