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10 Indian Dishes That Are Beyond Overrated

Like some places and movies, food items too can be overrated. Just because a person likes a particular dish and professes their love for it does not make it mandatory for others to like it as well.
Here’s a list of such dishes that have a lot of undeserved hype around it. Some might be your favourite, but honestly that's where it stops.

1. Rajma Chawal

Image Credit: cookingwithmeena.blogspot

Many would agree to disagree on this one. I clearly don’t understand the hype around Rajma Chaval. To be honest, it gives me acidity. Why people love to brag about eating rajma chaval is beyond me.

2. Shahi Paneer

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Till date, I haven’t understood what’s so ‘shahi’ about Shahi Paneer. It's not like we turn into royals after finishing the bowl! It’s just paneer dipped in thick gravy. Nothing, absolutely nothing royal about this.

3. Baingan ka bharta

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Before eating baigan ka bharta, I watched how it was cooked. Then I wondered why on earth anyone would do that to a poor baingan! Then I saw people getting emotional while eating it, because it was just so good. For god’s sake, it’s just mashed brinjal, people!

4. Kaju Katli 

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Festivals in India are incomplete without this sweet rhombus covered in silver varkh. Agreed, it has a different taste than the regular mithais, but it clearly isn’t worth 700 bucks a kilo!

5. Chinese Bhel

Image Credit: youtube

This Indian-Chinese combo is a total disgrace! I mean why would you prefer a Chinese bhel over the simple puffed rice in Indian bhel? Why give Chinese tadka, if our basic desi tadka is enough to make a dish tasty?

6. Pickle

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When was the last time you had pickle? Probably with your aloo parathas or with a heavy plate of biryani. But do you remember having just a mound of pickle? No, right? That means we can do away with achaar.

7. Vada Pav

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Personally, I love Vada Pav. However, there are many who don’t understand the idea of eating smashed fried potato with bread. While Mumbaikars would cry foul with this choice, many North Indians would agree.

8. Dal Makhani

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Dal alone is enough to be comfort food. I see no point in adding rajma, urad, butter and cream and making it Dal 2.0.

9. Butter Chicken

Image Credit: YouTube

Let’s agree on one thing - chicken in any form is appetising. Be it chicken tikka masala, chicken 65, chicken Hyderabadi or a simple chicken soup. Butter chicken on the other hand is tasty, but so is chicken 65. There is nothing exceptionally great about butter chicken.

10. Petha

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Petha is just ash gourd dipped in sugary syrup. The translucent exterior makes it look like an ordinary sugary candy and frankly it's okay.a

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