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Deadliest Roads in India that can Send Chills Down Your Spine

Think Your Commute Is Dangerous? These Roads In India Will Have You Begging For A Rest Stop

Every day it’s the same grind. You get in your car, adjust the mirror, turn the “entertainment center” to your favorite radio station or iPod playlist, and then you head out to face that morning menace which is the commute. Sometimes, you get lucky and it’s the standard speed demon parking lot, a highway or interstate packed with cars all wanting to go several dozen miles over the limit. Or worse, it’s a standstill, someone without the common sense to get off the road and ask for directions doing their damnedest to bring your aggravation level up while your car slows down.
Well, at least we have infrastructure and paved paths from Point A to Point B. In other parts of the world, dirt paths cut out of the side of mountains are the only way to get around, and we aren’t talking about places where precautions are taken for your safety. There’s no guide fences or runaway truck ramps to manage the mayhem. Just gravel, cliffs, and the distinct impression that one false move could mean the revocation of your driving privileges, permanent. Check out the gallery below and then imagine yourself facing that fear every day. Suddenly, the tourist going 10 miles under the speed limit doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Kinnaur Road in Himachal

It Was Literally Cut Out Of A Mountain

You’ve Got To Be Careful Around These Corners

Is There Even A ROAD Here?

Better Question – Where Do These Dirt Paths Lead?

The Zo Ji La Pass Connects Srinagar To Ladakh

Watch Out – That First Hill Is A Doozy

Rohtang Pass In Manali

The Weather Can Definitely Make Things Tricky

Khardung La In Ladakh 

Is There A Speed Limit

Jammu’s Keylong-Kishtwar Road

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