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Heart of Kerala boy to beat in 10-year-old Kazhakhstan girl

Heart and lungs of the brain-dead Adith Paulson (right) being taken from Aster Medcity in Kochi to Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai for transplantation in a 10-year-old Kazhakhstan girl.

This was the second airlift of heart and lungs from Kerala to Chennai in a week to meet medical emergency.

The heart of a 12-year-old boy from Irinjalakuda will now beat in a 10-year-old Kazakhstan girl at a Chennai hospital.

This was the second airlift of heart and lungs from Kerala to Chennai in a week to meet medical emergency. This time a foreign national taking treatment in Chennai is the beneficiary of organ donation.

Adith Paulson, son of Shincy and Paulson, Kallukkaran House, Chellur, Irinjalakuda, was declared brain dead at Aster Medcity on Monday. The recipient at Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai was Dilnas Isan, who was battling for a second chance of life.

Adith was shifted from the Jubilee Mission Hospital where the boy and his father were admitted on Sunday afternoon with serious injuries in an accident. It was a head-on collision of the car they were travelling in with a school bus near Mala.

The duo, were on their way to attend a family function at Kumbidi after the church feast at Chellur.

It was the relatives of the boy who had brought him to Aster Medcity. They were told that the boy was brain dead and sought organ donation. Dr. Noble Gracious, co-ordinator for Mrithasanjeevani at the Kerala Network of Organ Sharing (KNOS), told The Hindu that the boy’s brain death was notified around 5 p.m. on Monday. The brain-death was confirmed later at 12.30 p.m.

However, with no blood-matching found in the State, the KNOS turned to the Tamil Nadu Network of Organ Sharing. In fact, no Indian was found to be a matching recipient in any hospital either in Tamil Nadu or across India, Dr. Noble said.

If no one was found matching in the country, the organ could be donated to a foreign national, Dr. Sathish of Fortis Malar said.

The Kazakhstan girl was at Fortis Malar for the last four months with cardiomyopathy and her heart was made to pump with supportive ingestible, he said.

How the consent worked

Shincy Paulson, mother of Adith, gave consent for organ donation after she learnt about the boy’s condition.

Besides heart and lungs, liver, kidneys and cornea were also donated.

She was brought to Aster Medcity to see the boy and she had to rush back to Jubilee Mission Hospital, where her husband Paulson was to undergo a surgery to correct the broken ribs, one of which seemed to have pierced the lungs, said Paulson’s brother, Johnson, who was at Aster Medcity along with other relatives.

Paulson was told about the boy’s condition by their Parish father and the authorities at the Jubilee Mission, said Johnson.

The boy studying in Class 7 at Don Bosco School at Irinjalakuda has an elder sister Arya in Class 12 in the same school.

Source : The hindu

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